What To Know About Buying New Homes In Tampa FL

It's exciting to buy a new construction home because, well, everything is new! New appliances, a new roof, and you get the be the first to own it. What's not to love?

While buying new homes in Tampa FL can be a great decision for a home buyer, there are a few things you need to know before you sign on the dotted line. Keep reading to make sure you get the most from your new dream home.

Make Sure You Like Where the New Homes in Tampa FL are Located

If you're looking for new homes in Tampa FL, make sure you like the community where it's located before you buy. Perhaps the new community looks amazing and it's even gated. But will that really matter if the surrounding neighborhood is riddled with crime?

Also, make sure you understand the layout of the new community. You don't want to end up buying a home with a great view only to have a new home blocking that view within a few years, or even worse, having your living room looking directly into their bathroom.

If you can, talk to people who already live in the community. See what they like and don't like about living there. Also, just because a neighborhood is considered up and coming doesn't mean it won't take quite awhile for it to change from scary to sophisticated.

The Model Home Won't Be an Exact Replica of Your New Home

New homes in Tampa FL can look beautiful and full of possibilities when you tour the model home. That's because it's designed to make them look as amazing as possible. Check out the model home and you might be surprised to discover there are no doors.

That's because the lack of doors gives the space a feeling of openness. That open feeling may not happen with actual doors on all the rooms. You might also notice that they use smaller-scale furniture to give the viewer a sense of a larger space.

Also, don't rely on a virtual tour to give you a full sense of the space. Visit the model home and walk around to get a better sense of how spacious your new home will really be.

Check out the Builder

Do your homework on the builder before looking into new homes in Tampa FL. There are several ways to do that, such as talking to people who have already purchased a home from them.

You might look at different communities they've already built if the one you're looking into doesn't already have people living there.

Go online and research reviews, testimonials, and the news. You can also check the state licensing boards and local court records to see if the builder has run into any previous trouble.

Know What's Included Versus What is Extra

The model for new homes in Tampa FL will show amazing features but that doesn't always mean they're included with the price of the home. Often, there are upgrades that can end up costing you a lot of money if you're not careful to ask first.

Make sure you know and understand exactly what is included in the price of the home and what features would be considered upgrades. You don't want to find out the hard way that your basement isn't actually finished or that the walk-in shower costs extra.

Check out the Warranty Before You Buy

Most builders of new homes in Tampa FL will offer warranties on things like materials and workmanship. Before you decide to buy a new home, you need to understand what exactly is covered under the warranty, for how long, and what the process is to get something fixed.

You don't want to realize four years into your home ownership when your basement is flooding that there was no warranty on water leaks.

Make Sure There's a Completion Clause

There are so many stories of homeowners buying into a new community only to find out the hard way that the completion date keeps getting pushed back further and further.

Some may have to wait a few months, but there have been too many cases where a new homeowner is forced to find other accommodations for a few years because the completion date keeps getting pushed back.

It's also important to understand that builders also add provisions, making the completion date dependent on permit approvals from the municipality. They can also make them dependent on the availability of building materials from their suppliers.

When that happens, additional charges may apply if you're unable to close on time because your lender isn't ready. There can also be problems if there's an unexpected delay on your part, like having difficulty obtaining a mortgage.

Avoid these kinds of problems by making sure you get a cancellation clause or at least a refund of deposit clause in case the builder doesn't complete by a specified promise date.

Have the New Home Inspected

You'd think that a newly constructed home wouldn't really need an inspection. After all, it's all new, so what could be wrong?

Unfortunately, new doesn't always translate into safe. So hire an independent inspector to ensure your new space is secure.

Just be aware that in new homes in Tampa FL, there often does not include a provision that allows buyers to walk away and retain their deposit if they're unhappy with the inspection results.

Hire a Realtor

Often, model homes will be staffed by real estate agents who represent the builders. While they can answer some questions, you're much better off hiring your own realtor whose sole interest is to help you buy the best home for you.

Not only that but since the seller typically pays the commission, it will cost you as the buyer nothing to be represented by a real estate agent. Be sure to choose an agent who regularly deals with builders and also knows the local communities.

Just be aware that some developments have a site registration policy that your agent needs to register for before they can show you the site. Most of the time, the agent can simply go online and fill out the registration.

Buying new homes in Tampa FL can be an exciting time if you have all the information you need to make the best choice. We can help you with that. Contact us to help you find the home of your dreams today!

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